Job Placement Assistance

How Important is Job Placement Assistance?

Job placement assistance is priority at all member schools. All graduates are eligible to receive job placement assistance.

Listed below are different aspects of member schools’ job placement assistance programs. member School’s placement database(s) contains many employers who have hired graduates from member schools. A placement assistance director works with each graduate to help them find employment. We assist with job placement for in areas throughout American. Our goal is to assist our graduates finding employment opportunities.

Job Placement Assistance Database

Member school graduates are able to access a job placement assistance database by calling the school or on the internet. The job placement assistance department assists in locating potential employers in your community. In fact, you can search and request potential employers by state, city, or zip code. This allows the member school graduates to locate employers in specific geographical locations throughout the United States.

National Job Placement Coordinator

Member schools’ job placement assistance departments begin working during their training program at their school of choice. Each student is given a job placement entrance interview to determine their job placement requests. Students can identify what area of the country they will be seeking employment, and our placement department pulls together to find employers in that area. Each graduate receives a job placement assistance directly from their school’s job placement assistance department.

Campus Job Placement Assistance Director

Your member campus has a job placement assistance director that you can talk to about job placement. From the very first day the School will emphasize job placement assistance as a cooperative effort for the School and the student to work together to achieve a common goal: SUCCESSFUL JOB PLACEMENT.

Placement Assistance Follow-up

Your school’s placement assistance department is available to eligible graduates regarding job placement assistance. The placement assistance department also is available for follow up correspondence to every graduate who is receiving placement assistance.

Job Placement Assistance Web Site

A tool for job placement is the internet. Many students use the internet to contact and keep in contact with their member school. In early 2000 a sponsored web site was developed for member schools. This web site is dedicated to providing a vehicle for member schools and member schools graduates in job placement assistance and employee resumes to assist member school graduates and employers in locating each other. Now, students can post their resumes on line and employers can post their job openings. This has enabled many students with finding employment.