National Heavy Equipment Operator School

Member Heavy Equipment Operator School (s) bring heavy equipment operating enthusiasts an exciting career prospect in the form of a Heavy Equipment Operation Training Program. The programs at our member schools are competency-based and job oriented. We teach and train students to operate heavy equipment used in the construction and maintenance of various work sites. After graduation, they have great potential for employment in construction companies, as also with contractors and public works departments.

Your exciting career as a Heavy Equipment Operator is awaiting— allow our member schools to train you!

A National Heavy Equipment Operator School, offer a comprehensive training program for the entry-level as well as the experienced operator. Member schools provide training that will teach you how to efficiently perform construction-related processes with the heavy equipment that may include bulldozer, excavator, front-end loader, tractor-loader-backhoe, compact excavator, and compact skid-steer loader. NOTE: Contact your campus for exact equipment types, due to variance of heavy equipment at each campus. We offer real-world models, state-of-the-art heavy equipment for you to train on. In addition to heavy equipment operation, the operators undergo the most essential safety training.

Our member schools’ fast-moving courses put great emphasis on skill development. Hence students carry out actual equipment operation on a simulated job site. Get the opportunity to work on actual machines in realistic situations. Not just the operation but learning some items related to the repair and maintenance is also essential. Most important of all is the safety training.

Member Heavy Equipment Operation Schools, through their all-inclusive operator training program, provides the source of well-trained heavy equipment professionals. Thus, aiming at improving job creation and career enhancement opportunities in the heavy equipment industry. A good operator can get opportunities in building and construction companies, or excavation jobs. So come, be a part of our member schools National Heavy Equipment Operator School(s) and get trained the right way!